How To Make Cats Get Along?

How To Make Cats Get Along?

Are you welcoming a new cat into your family? Great! Now, you’re probably wondering How to Make Cats Get Along? Well, sometimes introducing cats to one another could get out of hands. The hissing, chasing each other and other signs of aggression could be some behavioral issues your cats do. It could be weeks, or even months and they’re still not getting along!

It’s time to do it the right way. Once and for all.

What You’ll Need:

How to Make Cats Get Along following 6 Easy Steps

1- Separate Them

  • Go back to the very beginning and separate them.
  • Place your cats in different rooms on either side of the door.
  • This will allow each cat to feel safe in their own territory.
  • The separation can last a few minutes, few hours, or even a few days.
  • Allow your cats to calm down and watch how well they do in the following steps.

2- Let Them See and Smell Each Other

  • Open the door just a crack or use a gate.
  • Let them get used to the other’s presence without the possibility of fighting.
  • Some innocent play through the door might help them get along with a sense of fun.

3- Schedule Fixed Feeding Times for Your Cats

  • Set up two plates several feets apart so your cats can associate each other’s presence with good things (food).
  • Sometimes, at first, you might see one cat intimidating the other to back away.
  • The other cat may back away to show that he/she doesn’t want to engage in a fight. This is a major confidence boost for show which wouldn’t happen if they were free-fed.

So, avoid keeping food out on the show!

4- Separate Playtime

  • When one cat is playful than the other, they can dominate playtime.
  • The less playful cat will always stop playing when she/he sees the more playful cat coming to play.
  • But, cat need to play! Not only for exercise, but to feel like good and confident hunters.
  • As you separate your cats during playtime, the less playful cat will start to enjoy playing around.
  • This is important for your cat’s self-esteem and sense of belonging in the house.

5- Unite Playtime

  • The more enjoyment your cats can get out of being in the same room together, the better.
  • Once each cat starts to feel dominant over their toy (or prey), they won’t let the other’s cat presence disturb them.
  • You can distract your cats from each other using feather cats’ toys.

6- Give Lots of Perching Options

  • It’s always best to have two high grounds in your place for each get to mark their higher grounds. You can get two cat trees; one for each cat.
  • Now, you should allow each cat to mark their high grounds and train the other not to be around the other’s high ground.

With time, training, and rewarding good behavior, your cats will get along just fine.

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