How To Keep Your Vagina Clean And Smelling Good?

Of all kinds of hygiene, vaginal hygiene is the most important one.

All the women should be extremely concerned about keeping their vagina clean and tidy.

A healthy vagina is acidic in nature and consists of a number of beneficial bacteria that help in immunizing the vagina from different kinds of infections.

Vagina tends to secrete a fluid once in a while for cleaning itself and that’s the reason it is known as the self-cleaning organ.

Any discrepancy in these normal conditions leads to various kinds of infections in the vaginal region and the vaginal infections are extremely difficult to deal with as they give you all kinds of bad experiences.

So, to avoid encountering any such condition, you got to look after the health of your vagina.

Here are some really simple ways to take care of your lady:

Protect the normal pH balance of your Vagina

A very common technique to keep up to the normal pH balance of the vagina is by avoiding the use of any fancy cleanser to clean the vagina, the process commonly known as douching.

The normal pH balance of the vagina is in between 3.8-4.5 and this balance easily gets disturbed by such products.

The best feminine wash for odor is the one that can maintain the pH of the vagina.

If you are facing the problem of bad vagina odor, then seeking the doctor would be of more help.

The cleanser does not cure the problem that is causing the odor.

Rather, it just covers up the odor for some time.

What is best soap for feminine hygiene?

Any mild soap can be used on the vaginal area.

Do not use harsh soaps.

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Safe Sex

Having a safe sex is the key to keeping any harmful bacteria to maintain vaginal hygiene.

Many diseases caused by unsafe sex are not even curable.

It is important to change your condom when you switch from anal to oral to vaginal sex.

This will simply prevent the entrance of harmful bacteria into the vagina.

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Healthy Diet

Healthy and balanced diet has a very important role in keeping the vagina all healthy and sound.

Yogurt and cranberry juice help in the treatment of yeast infection caused in the vagina.

Also, certain food items are advised by the doctors as natural lubricants if you have a dry spell in your vagina

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A regular visit to the Gynecologist

Visiting your gynecologist on a regular basis is very vital to keep vaginal hygiene.

You should go around for vaginal check ups on a regular basis.

The gynecologist determines any problem that needs attention and suggests the curing measures.

Women should visit a gynecologist after three months of becoming sexually active.

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Treating Vaginal Infections

Your vagina can face a really tough time if it gets accustomed to any kind of infection, be it bacterial, fungal, etc.

It is very important to visit a doctor and get some medicines prescribed otherwise there can be serious reproductive problems.

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Proper Clothing

Vagina should essentially remain dry and clean.

For this matter, it is necessary to choose the proper clothing for the vaginal hygiene.

Certain fancy fabrics lead to increase of heat in the vaginal region.

This in turn leads to a lot of sweat which makes your vagina all wet and unclean.

Wear cotton panties and try to cover the vagina with loose fitted clothes.

Wet vagina can be a cause of many kinds of infection.

So, it is emphasized to look after the proper clothing of vagina to keep the vagina clean, dry and healthy.

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