How to get rid of White Spots on Teeth Fast and Easy?

There may be white spots on anyone’s teeth, white spots on teeth of a child or toddler, white spots on teeth of adults.

White spots appear on teeth when a person is sick.

Teeth Whitening can cause white spots after whitening.

The most common cause of white spots is loss of enamel layer on the teeth.

This is as a result of loss of minerals from the enamel.

The major mineral on enamel of teeth is calcium and people tend to lose calcium from the enamel of their teeth.

This condition is known as hypo calcification of enamel.

This is a condition resulted by poor nutritional habits, when people are not taking enough Calcium.

It may also result from poor dental hygiene and this may be the preliminary signs of tooth decay.

This is a warning sign for the person to take professional care of his/her teeth.

Causes that creates White Spots on Teeth

There are many reasons as to why these white spots appear on a person’s teeth. Some of these reasons may be ,

  1. Fluorosis- excessive consumption of fluorides.
  2. Excess Calcium Secretion by the body while formation of tooth and resulting in white spots on teeth.
  3. Hypo calcification causing Hyperplasia.
  4. Hyper acidity, excessive intake of acidic fruits and carbonated drinks.
  5. Dry Mouth, fewer intakes of water and improper oral/dental hygiene.
  6. Tooth Braces for longer period is a major cause of white spots on teeth.

Home Remedies to get rid of these White Spots on teeth

A very common question haunts everybody’s mind, how to get rid of white spots on teeth from braces.

Do white spots on teeth go away?

People who regularly visit their dentists will have a professional guidance to get rid of these white spots.

The Dentist will first determine the root cause and treat that along with taking care of removing the white spots from the teeth.

Butو there are some very effective home remedies to get rid of these white spots on teeth.

  1. Mix Baking soda with water and brush your teeth with this mixture gently for two minutes. Two tbsp baking soda in One tbsp of water to be applied on your teeth by a tooth brush. Two times a week of this procedure will get rid of your white spots on your teeth.
  2. Rinse your mouth with the mixture of Two tbsp of baking soda with water once a day to remove white spots on your teeth. This should be followed by rinsing your mouth with normal water afterwards.
  3. Make Strawberry and baking soda paste in 1:2 ratio and brush your teeth for two minutes at least once a week. You will just be fine.
  4. Mixing Baking Soda with Vinegar, Baking Soda with Hydrogen Peroxide in 1:2 ratio and brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a week also gives excellent results.
  5. Mixing 1 tbsp of Baking Soda, 2 drops of Peppermint, pinch of salt and Glycerin in a paste or Baking soda with your normal toothpaste also make effective remedies for white spots on teeth. Regular use not only removes the white spots but keeps your teeth healthy and sparkling all your lives.
  6. Natural ingredients like lemon, banana peel, basil leaves, turmeric powder, margosa leaves are also very good in removing white spots from teeth. Just grind them to paste and mix with your regular toothpaste and brush for two minutes regularly. This will certainly help.
  7. Eating whole fruits and vegetable raw with their skin on is also a major step for healthy, shining teeth.

They say “prevention is better than cure”.

One can prevent white spots on teeth by adopting some simple rules to his/her dental/oral hygiene.-

  1. Clean your mouth and teeth well after every meal.
  2. Take care of your dental health and visit a dental surgeon regularly.
  3. No more acidic food and carbonated drinks,
  4. Take extra care if you are wearing braces.
  5. Balance your food with sufficient Calcium intake.

These remedies to remove white spots on teeth are very effective and will certainly be of help to those who are bothered by this problem.

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