How to Check the Purity of Honey?

Honey is very beneficial for human body and skin.

All these benefits can be enjoyed only when the honey is essentially pure.

Purity of Honey renders you with all the benefits without any effects whereas, the impure honey may have some side effects if the additives do not gel up well with your body.

One possible way to distinguish between fake and pure honey is to check the label of the honey bottle.

The makers are required to show all the ingredients used and if there are some additives, they will be mentioned there.

The honey that is bought from the bee owner is raw and unprocessed so, it is the purest.

Try out these simple methods to test whether the honey that you are using is pure or fake:

Thumb Test

In this test, you put some 2-3 drops of honey onto your thumb.

You let the honey stay for a while.

If the honey spills or spreads around, then it isn’t pure.

Pure honey remains intact and didn’t move around.

So, whatever you were using till now wasn’t pure.

But, more check the purity using this method.

The Water Test

 This is the easiest option in order to unveil the truth about the purity of honey.

Take a glass of water.

And one tablespoon of honey to it.

Contaminated or adulterated honey would dissolve in water at one go.

Whereas, the pure honey would settle down at the bottom of the glass.

See you could solve the mystery so easily!

The Flame Test

 honey flame test

 Dip a dry matchstick into honey and let it strike the matchbox or directly expose it to the flame.

If the matchstick catches fire, then the honey is pure cause honey is flammable.

If you have got adulterated honey, then it won’t catch fire as it contains moisture as well.

The Vinegar Test

honey vinegar test

Add a little amount of honey to water.

Follow this by 2-3 drops of vinegar.

Mix the solution well. If the solution turns foamy, then it definitely is contaminated.

And if not, you are sailing on the safe boat.

The Blotting Paper Test

 Pure honey doesn’t get absorbed on the blotting paper, whereas the impure honey has water content that is responsible for the wet mark it leaves on the absorbent paper.

The Ant Test

ants attract on honey

 One of the most famous, yet the most debatable test is the ant test.

Ants, supposedly get attracted towards artificial honey cause of the sweet additives and liquid nature.

But, the validity of the test isn’t determined.

So, you should rather rely on the other five tests.

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