Easy and Effective Breast-Feeding Tips For New Mothers

Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.

But even so no feeling ever compares to that of being a mother.

The first cry of the baby, the first time you take the baby in your hands, these moments are priceless.

Although, raising a baby is a Herculean task and doing the right thing always is a bit difficult specially when we talk about breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a new and sometimes awkward experience for mothers.

And knowing how to breastfeed is very important.

Breastfeeding is a learned process and none of us are born knowing how to do it.

There are many breastfeeding tips for producing more milk.

So, here are some easy and effective tips for the new mothers so that they can nourish their young ones the right way.

How to get started and tips of breastfeeding?

  • Breast feed within one hour of birth for bonus points. It helps the uterus contrast and provides the much-needed colostrum that helps in building up the baby’s immune system.
  • See a lactation consultant for baby latches, as the latching should not be painful. If needed ask a nurse to show you the right way to get on to it.
  • If you have a premature maybe it might not be possible to feed right away, but you should not stop pumping milk. The baby can receive this milk through tubes until she is strong enough to nurse.

Breast-feeding Dos and Don’ts 

  • Feeding should be a demand and supply process, look for the hunger signals your baby is giving out such as increased activity or alertness, rooting around, mouthing etc.
  • Feed the baby approx. 8-12 times under 24 hrs. Cycle.
  • Breastfeeding milk supply is important and alternate the breast to start for every new session. Initially limit nursing to maximum of 5-10 minutes, your body needs to rest too.
  • Ladies let us not confuse the baby here by introducing breastfeeding bottle or artificial nipples. Thrusting motions for bottles are different and a bit tiring for the baby
  • After each session let your nipples dry to avoid sore or cracked nipples.

Be Comfortable

In the newborn months feeding can take up to 40 minutes which can get tiresome for mothers, so choose a cozy corner to nurse. Position your baby in such a way that your arms don’t get sore. You can try supporting the back of your baby’s head with your hand. Using a nursing pillow is a smart move to support your baby’s head. Whatever position you choose be comfortable because you’ll be sitting/lying in that position for a while.

What You Should Eat?

  • You might feel starving while nursing but that is just your body reacting to all the extra hard work you’re doing to produce milk. Eat when your body demands, a normal healthy diet should be enough but follow your hunger and ladies stop counting the calories.
  • Drink! Stay hydrated, so that you can make enough milk. Aren’t we all trying not to starve the baby here!
  • For the first three months keep your caffeine and alcohol temptations at bay as they will mix up with your milk and reach the baby.
  • Unlike what most people say you can eat all the spicy food that you’re craving, it does not harm the baby in any way. Moreover, the baby likes a little change in the flavor now and then.

With all this in your mind you can surely ace the process of breastfeeding and be prepared for the challenge that being a mother is.

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