6 Effective Ways to Treat Sore and Cracked Nipples

Breastfeeding is considered to be one of the best feelings in the world.

Providing the baby with all the essential nutrients vital for his growth, caressing him and keeping him close to your heart.

While breastfeeding the baby is an easy task, the tables can turn in some cases.

One of the common reasons that can make a mother feel discomfort or even discontinue breastfeeding is because of sore and cracked nipples.

There are a plethora of reasons that can cause sore and cracked nipples. These include:-

  1. Incorrect positioning of the baby during breastfeeding
  2. Improper use of the breast pumps
  3. Improper latching of the baby onto the breast of the mother
  4. Dry air of air conditioner
  5. Improper cleaning of the breast. Presence of soap residue on the nipples
  6. Use of lotion, cream or perfume that may cause skin irritation to the baby

Breastfeeding the baby with sore and cracked nipples can be a painful and daunting task.

Top 6 Remedies to treat Sore and Cracked Nipples are given below:-

  1. Breast milk itself is a great moisturizer and antiseptic in nature. Apply a few drops of breast milk on the nipples daily and especially before beginning to feed the baby. Breast milk works wonders. And, most importantly, there’s no threat to the baby in case he/she intakes it.
  2. Clean the nipples with lukewarm water to reduce the risk of any kind of infection.
  3. Coconut oil and almond oil are known to soften the skin and keep it hydrated. Apply any of the two on the breasts and massage well, especially near the nipple area. It takes only two days to heal sore and cracked nipples.
  4. Applying butter and homemade Ghee on the nipples also aid in healing the problem. The two are classic home remedy options. Again, butter and Ghee are harmless even if they are sucked or swallowed by the baby.
  5. Make use of nipple shields. These protect sore nipples during feeding and allow the baby to suck milk easily. Avert-grade nipple shields are available in the market that promise zero discomfort to mothers and their babies.
  6. Massaging breast with olive oil before bathing is yet another way to heal sore and cracked nipples.

To conclude, it is vital to understand the reasons behind sore and cracked nipples and learning effective ways to prevent the situation.

Through, having sore or cracked nipples may not cause any harm to the baby, but in longer run, he/she will not develop the habit of latching.

To know more about sore, cracked or bleeding nipples, consult a lactation expert.

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