5 Surprising Ways To Treat Razor Bumps You Never Knew Existed

Razor Bumps can destroy the look of your clean-shaven face.

This is the common problem faced by men who shave on a regular basis.

This causes itching and redness that can be very annoying.

The redness degrades the overall look of a person.

These razor bumps are visible because of the hair that remains inside the human follicle and began growing inside the skin.

Razor bumps can occur due to improper shaving tools or improper shaving products.

You don’t have to rely on medicines or creams to treat the problem of Razor Bumps. There are easy and effective home remedies that would help you get rid of this problem in no time.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most important remedy for fixing the irritated skin and soothing the aggravation.

If you have an Aloe Vera plant at your place, then you can cut down a leaf of the plant, take off the tip of the leaf and squeeze the gel on to your skin and rub it.

You can even buy the Aloe Vera gel from the market.

But, make sure that these products aren’t contaminated with fragrances, etc.

They should be as natural as possible to treat razor bumps.

Witch Hazel

This is one of the natural antiseptics that helps in the reduction of the conflagration of the skin.

You can apply it on your razor bump and let it sit till you feel that your skin is calming down.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil contains natural anti-bacterial agents.

Since the pure tea tree oil is excessively strong, you have to dilute it with water before exposing your skin to it.

Lemon Juice

Because of the acidic nature of the lemon juice, it prevents the bacteria from colonizing ingrown hair follicles.

You can squeeze little amount of lemon juice and apply it on the razor bump.

Hot Compress

Gently press a soaked cotton wool on to your skin. Soak cotton wool in hot water. Heat opens up the pores and sets the hair free.

Prevention is Better than Cure

You will find innumerable remedies to heal your pain but, it’s best to prevent it from bothering you at the first place.

For this, you should use single-blade razor and a proper shaving cream and an aftershave.

Do not compromise with the quality of these things to avoid bumps due to razor.

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