10 Reasons Masturbation Is Good For Women

Masturbation has always been considered something bad or wrong.

But, it’s time that we break the taboo and realize that there are many benefits of female masturbation.

Masturbation is a pleasurable experience where an individual acquires pleasure by manipulating his own body.

Studies have shown that all the women above 18 years of age have masturbated at least once but, very few follows it on as a routine.

Let’s look into the amazing health benefits of masturbation for women

It makes you joyful

Since masturbation is a pleasure-seeking experience, women tend become a lot happier after masturbating.

When women masturbate, endorphins dopamine and oxytocin are released.

This secretion acts as a mood enhancer.

It is one of the biggest benefit of Masturbation.

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Enhances your sex life

A vital part of a pleasurable sex life is knowing what makes you happy and exploring your body.

While masturbating, you tend to discover a lot about your body.

You know the zones of your body that account for maximum pleasure.

Thus, you can tell your partner where to touch you for stimulation during sex.

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Induces Sleep

All of us quickly fall asleep after hardcore sex and orgasms.

It is because we feel calm, relaxed and stress free.

Same goes with the masturbation.

Once you masturbate, you start feeling more relaxed and calm and even drowsy.

Sleep is automatically induced after masturbation.

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Handling Libido

If you are going through a dry time or you have decided to not have sex at all, then masturbation is there at your rescue.

Masturbation can help you satisfy your libido without having sex.

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Releases Pain

Well, if you are going through really severe muscular contractions in the uterus region, then you can rely upon masturbation.

Even when you are in your periods, the mensuration pain can be released by masturbating.

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A Perfect Stress Reliever

Benefits of Masturbating, also includes stress relieving.

Masturbation gets all the stress causing hormones out of your body and renders you with a pleasant mood.

Cool, isn’t?

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Self-appreciation Grows Out of Masturbation

There are many benefits of masturbation for women including self-appreciation.

When you masturbate, you often discover variety of things about yourself.

You start acknowledging what makes you happy and what kind of touch is a turn off for you.

In this course of self-exploration, you start appreciating your body even more.

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Multiple Orgasms

Women can always keep it going.

Even after you are done with the first time, you can go for the second.

So, why stop at just one?

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An Exercise

Masturbation is a sort of exercise.

And you tend to make efforts to get those perfect orgasms.

So, you easily get the benefits of exercise with pleasure.

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No Side Effects

There are absolutely zero side effects of masturbating and that makes it even more amazing.

You have no chance of getting pregnant or falling ill.

And you get such a pleasurable experience.

There are as such none benefits of no masturbation.

So, why not do it?

And then it is damn amazing.

So, go on.

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