How to create an Account on to get various Certificate.

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Welcome, are you ready for getting various certificate like Residence, Cast, Income, Birth, Death, O.B.C, SC or ST in India without spending any single coin of rupee. Then you are in the right place. In this post i will teach you to create a ServicePlush or user account. Below is the sample registration form of this website.
So know let’s start. I am dividing this online form in 2 section for making it simple. First one is personal details and second one is login Details. Keep a page and pen in hand. It will help you to write down the User name and password after successful  registration.

Important Thing

  • Mobile Number.
  • Email ID ( If you don’t have Email Id, First create it.)

How to Apply Residence Certificate Online.

You can watch our video on YouTube or Read this post.

You need to fill the name, date of birth, address, Mobile no, and Email ID in right place.

Personal Details

Note-In sample form Sate, District  and Pin Code are not shown. Choose state, district and write pin code of area where you live.

After filling the first section you need to go in second. Second will look like this image.

This part is most Important because you can face little problem here.

First, Email ID is your login id or user id both are same thing. Type password, choosing password can be panic but simply type Abcd@123 Or Defg@123, (Password should be in this format.) and  a security question, some common question are what is your nick name, Birth month etc, you can take any question. This will help you when you for-gate password.
Fill word verification and click on Submit button. You will get an email to verify this account, Open the mail box and copy paste the code. After that your account will be activate and you can login now.

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Weldon Finally you are ready to apply for service.

Tips:- In Page write down 3 thing 1. Email, 2. Password & 3. Hint question and keep in safe place.

If you have any problem fill free to ask us in comment section below.

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