How to apply income certificate online

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After reading this post you will be able to get your INCOME CERTIFICATE free of cost, so read this post carefully and follow the step as given below. After that you will get your INCOME CERTIFICATE without spending any amount or any Rupees, If you don’t have laptop or Desktop computer don’t worry,
You can do it from your any Smart phone without going to CSC center or PRAGYA KENDRA.  so let’s start.

Thing You Needed.

  • Income certificate form and it’s supporting document.
  • Internet connection.
  • Smart Phone, Laptop Computer, or Desktop computer.
  • Scanned copy of all document like Income Affidavit form, Aadhaar Card etc.
  • I assumed that you have all required document.

Tips Download Android Scanner from google Play Store and scan from mobile if you don’t have scanner machine.

Step By Step Process in 10 step.

  1. First download the income form from below link and fill out it correctly.
  2. Scan 3 page, first Income affidavit, second Aadhaar card of applicant and 3rd Aadhaar card of applicant’s father. Save it in a folder and keep in safe place, you need to upload it later. Now let’s Start main work.
  3. Pick your smart Phone or Laptop.
  4. Connect it to internet.
  5. Open any internet browser, I recommend you to use Google chrome.  Now you are in home page of your browser.
  6. Type Click here go to in address bar or simply search serviceonline in google.The first Link of your search engine show you serviceonline website. Click on it. It will take to you official website of .
    The website which is used to deliver all certificate like Birth,Death, Income, Cast, Residence and many more certificate. Below is the home page of this website.
  7. Now click on sign in button & fill username and password. If don’t have Username and password, first you need to register on it. Click here for Registration or signup
  8. Now your dashboard look like this. Click on Apply for service and then view service.
  9. Choose Income certificate from right side as says in image.Need help in form fill up  click here.
  10. Now fill the online form carefully , upload all 3 document and submit it. After final submission you will get Acknowledgement Slip. Keep it in safe place or save it in google drive for future reference. And keep tracking application status, you will get your certificate when it will delivered.

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